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Theme is working every browser other than Internet Explorer. In IE everything is messed up. What should I do?

It's a well-known Internet Explorer bug. Basically, IE9 won't load more than 31 CSS files. To fix this problem you need to activate Smart Cache for CSS from ...

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I am unable to upload images to your custom modules!

You need to check the folder permissions. Set a reasonable permission for modules and pleae do NOT in any circumstances, even if it for testing, set your ...

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I purchased your theme and now I need to customize it for my needs. Can you do this for me?

First, thank you for purchasing my theme but unfortunately I'm not doing any customization, configuration, installation or administration (paid or not). I really ...

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I bought this .... 3rd party module for Prestashop from the internet but your theme is not compatible with that module! What is going on?

Autumn theme doesn't and will not support any 3rd party module or modules. 3rd party modules usually developing for default theme, Autumn is also based on default ...

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Ajax functions such as Ajax Search, Grid/List View Changer, Category Filters etc. is not working. What should I do?

This is most likely a permission issue. Most of the hosting providers are prevent access to the 777 files/folders from outside for security reasons. By doing an ...

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